We are pleased to present “3.11 Project”, a Charity SILENT AUCTION group Exhibition featuring NYC’s and Japan’s finest talent. “3.11project” group exhibition will showcase in downtown Manhattan, opening night on April 8th, 2011 from 6-9PM at OPENHOUSE GALLERY. The exhibition will feature up to 50 artists, and the venue will feature uniquely curated multimedia installations, painting, photography, and sculpture.

3.11 Project, Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Relief 2011: Charity Art Event is the first of many projects we will be hosting to raise awareness and raise money for the victims of Northern Japan. We encourage everyone to give their support, words of encouragement, and send their energy and Prayers to JAPAN.

3.11 Project was conceptually created by Yuko Arakawa, one of the producers, who was motivated to start this project because she is from the prefecture of Fukushima in Japan. Her hometown is only 70 miles away from the Nuclear Power Plant, and she is heartbroken by this devastating disaster that has affected her place of origin and her family. Instead of feeling helpless, she is compelled to find a way to give back to her country and to her community. 3.11 is an on-going project that will continue to strive not only to raise money, but to raise awarenes for the victims of northern Japan that were affected by the Tsunami, Earthquake, and Nuclear Radiation.

100% proceeds of all projects we produce will be donated to Japan Earthquake Relief Fund via Japan Society.

For donation, please contact :
Foundation World Inc.
435 Broome st. 2F
NY NY 10013



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