Origins of the mysterious Tarim Basin mummies revealed

The dry Tarim Basin, in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of north-western China, is home to hundreds of naturally mummified human remains, all between 4,000 and 1,800 years old. Little is known about the people who became the “Tarim Basin mummies”, although their burial sites have provided clues about their society and economy. Until now it’s …Continue readingOrigins of the mysterious Tarim Basin mummies revealed

Spotting Australian animal bones with collagen

How do scientists determine which animal a bone has come from? When it’s large or recent, the bone’s shape and DNA can usually provide enough information. But older bone fragments, like those often found around archaeological sites, are much harder to recognise. Collagen – a protein found in bones, skin, hair, and teeth – can …Continue readingSpotting Australian animal bones with collagen


LIDAR - 一种基于光的遥感方法的光检测和范围已成为考古学的宝贵工具,揭示了以前在发掘中看不见的古代遗址的细节。我们和墨西哥的一支研究人员使用了来自墨西哥南部80,000平方公里的LIDAR数据来揭示建筑……Continue reading寻找古代中美洲文明产生478个新网站

Toasting a big week for ancient gastronomy

Blue cheese, beer and wine – it’s the hipster’s smorgasbord, but it turns out humans have been chowing down on these delicacies for a very long time. New research, published today in Current Biology, shows that preserved human poo – otherwise known as coprolites – in an Iron Age salt mine in Hallstatt, Austria contained …Continue readingToasting a big week for ancient gastronomy

Human evolution: a last archaic hominin stronghold in India

科学家追踪古代人类素对印度人类历史边缘的演变和迁移,也许可以通过一项技能来表征:制造大大扩展我们技术能力的工具的能力。实际上,对于追踪人类进化的迷人,分支树的科学家来说,不可腐烂的石工具提供了无价的……Continue readingHuman evolution: a last archaic hominin stronghold in India

You may have missed…

飞蛾vs蝙蝠:飞蛾使用声音阻止蝙蝠攻击谁会在蝙蝠飞弹中获胜?一项新的研究发现,飞蛾比以前想象的要多,因为它们的翅膀结构为弄乱蝙蝠的回声定位。布里斯托尔大学的研究人员发现,翅膀提示…Continue readingYou may have missed…

First ancient human DNA from the gateway between Asia and Australia

When Griffith University archaeologist Adam Brumm heard from local villagers on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi about a vast cave used to house local games of badminton, his scientific spidey-senses started to tingle. Brumm, from Griffith’s Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution, specialises in the archaeology of the region known as Wallacea, the cluster of …Continue readingFirst ancient human DNA from the gateway between Asia and Australia


Migration is part of the great evolutionary story of our species – humans first evolved in Africa several million years ago, before leaving those homelands and spreading across the world in a series of epic journeys. But there has long been debate about exactly when humans left Africa and the routes that were taken. This …Continue reading“气候窗户”允许第一个人类迁移

A 3,500-year-old epic text begins its journey home

The Iraqi culture and foreign ministries have said this week that 17,000 ancient artefacts, looted from the country during the 2003 invasion, are making their way back home in a massive repatriation bid from the United States. The items have, for the past two decades, been held by various museums and collections including the Museum of the …Continue readingA 3,500-year-old epic text begins its journey home


The word ‘archaeology’ conjures one of the greatest opening scenes in film history: a whip-toting Westerner sprinting through an abandoned temple in the South American jungle, leaping across bottomless pits, sliding under closing doors, evading a massive boulder – all in the line of archaeological duty to retrieve a golden idol. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this picture …Continue reading人类世学考古学

Ancient shark-tooth collection uncovered

Scientists have uncovered an unexpected collection of fossilised shark teeth buried in a basement in ancient Jerusalem, in the modern-day Palestinian village of Silwan. The 29 teeth were discovered in a filled-in basement from the time of King Solomon, buried with pottery and food waste such as fish bones. “We had at first assumed that …Continue readingAncient shark-tooth collection uncovered