Toasting a big week for ancient gastronomy

Blue cheese, beer and wine – it’s the hipster’s smorgasbord, but it turns out humans have been chowing down on these delicacies for a very long time. New research, published today in Current Biology, shows that preserved human poo – otherwise known as coprolites – in an Iron Age salt mine in Hallstatt, Austria contained …继续阅读ingToasting a big week for ancient gastronomy

The origin of faeces

The archaeological record is littered – aha – with poo, a potential goldmine for insights into ancient health and diet, parasite evolution, and the ecology and evolution of the microbiome. The issue for researchers has always been determining which species’ faeces it is that they’re looking at. Now, a study published in the journal PeerJ and …继续阅读ingThe origin of faeces