Old dental records show the health consequences

Scientists say the build-up of tartar on 400,000-year-old teeth found in a cave in Israel provides direct evidence of what early Palaeolithic people ate and the quality of the air they breathed. The remains were found in Qesem Cave near Tel Aviv, the site of many major discoveries from the late Lower Paleolithic period. “Because the cave …Continue readingOld dental records show the health consequences

Palaeolithic division of labour

Stone tools unearthed from a cave in Jordan, reveal clues about how humans may have started organising into more complex social groups and dividing tasks according to technical skills. The artifacts from Mughr el-Hamamah, or Cave of the Doves, show a mix of techniques for making points, blades, scrapers and cutting flakes. “These toolmakers appear to have …Continue readingPalaeolithic division of labour

The English were eating each other

科学家们发现gnawi的迹象ng and butcher marks on human leg, rib, other bones in a cave in the Cheddar Gorge in western England, dating from 14,700 years ago, which they believe is evidence of ritual cannibalism. Biological anthropologist Silvia Bello of the Natural History Museum in London and her colleagues found microscopic evidence that the …Continue readingThe English were eating each other

Jaw bone discovery may rewrite human history

A fossil of a lower jaw bone found in Ethiopia is about 400,000 years older than other fossils from the earliest known Homo line that ultimately led to modern human. Scientists who made the discovery, reported in Science, about 400 kilometres outside Addis Ababa believe the individual lived about 2.8 million years ago. If correct, that …Continue readingJaw bone discovery may rewrite human history

Vesuvius-charred scrolls give up their secrets

Among the items burned and buried in volcanic ash was a library in a villa in Herculaneum, a Roman city near Pompeii that was destroyed by the explosion. The collection of charred papyrus scrolls are the only survivors from any library in the ancient world. Researchers in Italy have used sophisticated X-ray techniques to read …Continue readingVesuvius-charred scrolls give up their secrets